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Kids Rope Clinic

WHEN:        March 25th & 26th

                       10 am Start

LEVEL:       Open to any child with an interest                               in roping.

  COST: $200.00 +GST

Deposit $100.00 +GST

A focus on safety and horsemanship, the clinic will start out on the ground and progress to the machine and cattle.


We work very hard on creating a positive, fun environment for everyone to come out and learn. The small group allows for lots of one on one time.  Each drill can be modified to exactly what each horse and rider needs. If you have a specific goal - let us know and we can help you.

What will it cover?

  • Equipment Safety Check​

  • Horsemanship

    • The skills your horse needs​

    • keeping your horse quiet in the box

    • rate

    • timing

    • barrier

  •  Proper Positioning

  • Preparing for the Rodeo Environment

  • Problem Solving


limited spots left




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