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“All your horses are a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you won’t like what you see, sometimes you will.” – B.B.

Horse Experience (45 Minutes) $55.00 +GST/person (min.4 people)

This is for anyone that wants to develop a deeper understanding of the connection horses have with each other &  the relationships they have with us.

A great opportunity for anyone that loves animals and wants to learn how to build a partnership with them with only body language & energy.


This experience is interactive and up close & personal with several of our trail and performance horses. This session does not involve any riding or equipment on the animals.  

  • Learn about horse behaviour 

  • Insight into how they think

  • Discover their different personalities 

  • learn how to communicate with just body language

  • Meet several of horses, from our trail to competition.

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All Videos

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