“All your horses are a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you won’t like what you see, sometimes you will.” – B.B.

Horse Experience (45 Minutes) 55.00 +GST (min.4 people)

This is for anyone that wants to develop a deeper understanding of the connection horses have with each other &  the relationships they have with us.

This session is about learning to communicate with a horse with only body language & energy.

It is a unique glimpse into their world & the stepping stone to building a partnership built on trust with a 1200 lbs animal.

Cowboy Games (12- 30) 75.00 +GST  

A fun team event to get people interacting and having fun around horses.


Typically we break the group into 4 or 5 teams, each team must go compete at a specific set of stations. The stations are typically set up like this:


4 events:

Egg and spoon race -   one member of the team leads the horse, the other must ride the horse an balance at object on a wooden spoon. They have the work together to navigate the horse through the obstacle course. Every time the ball drops, a penalty of 5 seconds is added to the time.


Harness a horse – the team must work together to harness one of our big clydes. Fastest time (correctly done) wins.


Grain Race -   each team must fill a container of grain to a specific weight as quickly as possible.  Fastest team to goal weight wins.


Roping – 3 team members must successfully  rope either the head or heels on our mechanical steer (off a horse). Fastest combined time wins.



Our Cowboy Games Rate is : $75.00 +GST/ per person (minimum of 12 to book

Not currently Available for booking

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